Mediterranea’s 4th World Programs in Mallorca, Spain

June 20, 2010 2 Comments

Mediterranea Kids
Even though Mediterranea has, since its early days, been active with those in need in Mallorca, Spain, it has greatly stepped up its activities from the beginning of November 2009 .The financial crisis is hitting hard in some sectors of our population and as usual it is the weaker ones that suffer the most.

Here are some of the areas where Mediterranea has helped:

1) Mali Citizens in Mallorca

At present we are providing food packages for over 200 Mali citizens. This food, selected with their help, is handed over on Fridays. It provides to them with sufficient supplies to eat 3 times a day. We have also started giving them clothes and toys. These people are people who have no work and get no unemployment benefits or help whatsoever.

This program could benefit from the help of schools which could turn this into a good practical lesson for students in reference to the vulnerabilities of our society and financial structure, solidarity and appreciation of their own good fortune. Each student could bring a one kilo packet of rice, which costs less than one Euro, and the school could use the experience to create awareness among the students.

2) Feeding in Palma

Mediterranea is also active providing food, clothes and staff for a soup kitchen (Zaqueo) in Palma, Mallorca that feeds approximately 190 people once a day.

3) Vagabonds etc.

We are also providing all sorts of supplies and helping to put in order, a hospice & shelter for senior vagabonds and socially excluded older men (Can Gaza).

4) Senegalese Citizens in Mallorca

We are at present providing food for 3 meals a day to over 100 Senegalese people in Mallorca. This group of people are in the Calvia area. They have asked us to give them Spanish lessons and to teach them things that will increase their employment ability. We have started to give them Spanish and English lessons. When we can accumulate enough computers we will give them computer lessons too.

If you wish to help please feel free to get in touch with us at any time:

If you are in Palma, Mallorca you can stop by to see us and help too:

Food can be dropped off at Planet Space in Son Bugadelles Sta.Ponsa, ExtraSpace Palma, the church in Palma Nova near the police station and at Mediterranea’s Center in Portals Nous (Plaza de Portals 3).

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2 Comments to “Mediterranea’s 4th World Programs in Mallorca, Spain”
  1. Eli says:


    I would really love to volunteer to help in the soup kitchens or where ever is needed please could you give me more info as where to go and who to talk to to beable to do this

    Many thanks

    Eliza White

  2. says:

    We apologize for our oversight in your request. We will pass your email and info on to Dr. Stoma at Mediterranea. Thank you for reaching out to help!

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