Mediterranea – Recap As We Enter the Winter Months of 2011

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Please see brief recaps on various projects, volunteers and general help Mediterranea has given as a non-profit organization during the months of September through November.

Mediterranea Non-Profit Help Winter 2011

Social Centre for the Old in Akaki has been Repaired

November 26, 2011

Here are some before and after photos of the future old people’s social centre in the rail track area of Akaki in Ethiopia.  It will be the first centre of it’s kind in the whole country.

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The Old in Our Society

November 24, 2011

The old constitute one of the poorest sectors of our society and their situation is worsening. The crisis is not the only culprit for this worsening in their situation because before the crisis the quality of life of many was precarious.

Spain is rich in poor old people.  More than half of old people who live alone are considered under the poverty umbrella.  A third of our old are underfed due to living alone, having chronic illnesses or sometimes from having a miserably small pension.

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Student Med Member Appeals to Fellow Students at Queens College

November 23, 2011

James Spratt addressing Queens College Students Years 11, 12 and 13 in Genova last Friday at a presentation of the new Mediterranea Youth Programme initiative, which aims to involve young people in all aspects of the work that Mediterranea works in – both in Mallorca and the third world.   James Spratt, Queens College coordinator for the project, said “It’s pretty clear that young people today who are interested in a successful and productive future need to be aware of their own personal development and the concept of ‘Giving something back’ which is increasingly important in the modern world”.  This echoed the sentiments expressed by Dr Stoma earlier in the morning that to live in a world of plenty when so many are in need is an inequality that needs to be urgently addressed.  Mediterranea hopes to provide a means through which the young people of Mallorca who care and want to make a difference in the world will be able to channel their efforts, energy and enthusiasm.

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The Eyes of Abugida

November 22, 2011

Here are some photos from the days that our visiting ophthalmic team reviewed the children of Abugida…the photos speak for themselves.

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Dignifix Information Meeting – Wed 23 Nov 6pm

November 21, 2011
Mediterranea are having an DigniFix information sharing meeting next Wednesday 23rd November at 6pm @ Dr Stoma’s Surgery in Portals Nous.

As you may know this project involves small teams of handy folk travelling out to Ethiopia to renovate the schools that Med works with in whatever way they need. We are currently booking two teams to travel in Jan/Feb 2012 and are hoping for more in the future.
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The Dignifix Teams are on the Move

November 21, 2011

We will be counting on the valiant collaboration of mini brigades of volunteers who are making themselves available to help out with repairs, maintenance and extensions at our schools in Ethiopia.  We already have the first team looking at dates: five men and a woman. These mini brigades are formed by seamen from the super yachts that arrive at our shores in the winter for the offseason.   All the volunteers are giving their services free of charge and are paying all of their travel costs.

If you are interested in joining or forming your own mini brigade please contact us.  We also have a Facebook page dedicated to these Med digni programmes.

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Another Dream to Fulfil

November 17, 2011

Today we had the debrief meeting with Dr Panades of IBO (Institut Balear Oftalmic) following his trip to Ethiopia.  The meeting was very productive.  They both arrived back very content and with a strong commitment to the project.

We can confirm that in total there are 40 children (between those that could already see and those who can now see with glasses) who can leave the Braille teaching system and attend our new classroom that we are organizing to teach them to read and write.

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This Sat 19 Nov – BIC Fair in Support of Mediterranea

November 15, 2011

Baleares International College (BIC) this Saturday 19 Nov 11am are celebrating the ‘Universal Day of the Child’ in support of Mediterranea.

All Med members, followers and friends are very welcome to attend and are sure to have great time with live music, dancing, games and exotic food from all over the world.

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Some Progress in a Difficult Situation

November 13, 2011

We are continuing with the work at Sebeta, preparing the new classroom where the children who can see and will soon be able to see will be able to learn to read and write. Our goal will be to allow these children to reintegrate themselves into society by June and to support them with uniforms and school materials.  As these children’s parents had been told that their children would go blind our Ophthalmic Doctor will issue certificates in English to verify that they can see.

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Change of Fortune for Many Children at Sebeta

November 07, 2011

Today is the third day that our Ophalmic team has reviewed the children of the Sebeta School for the Blind.  We are delighted to confirm that our two professionals (Opthalmic doctor and nurse) who are seeing approx 60 children a day, are going to change the lives of many of these children.  So far they have established 20 children who have PERFECT eyesight, half of whom can read and write (remember, at this school they only get taught in Braille).  Many of the other children will recover their eyesight using glasses (the team have distributed many pairs of glasses already and we shall take more from here) or through operation.  Hearing this news has been wonderful for us, imagine what it must be like for them.

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Opthalmic Team in Action

November 07, 2011

We´d like to share with you these photos of our Opthalmic team working with children in Sebeta.

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Expanding in Sebeta School for the Blind

November 07, 2011

The first day of work for our Opthalmic team has been a success.  Some of the children will be able to improve their vision with glasses or with an operation.

There is a new director of the school who is much more caring than the last one, she genuinely seems concerned for the children and is collaborating with us.

So far we have received 45 applications from women for the 5 washing positions that we have decided to create.  With those 5 we shall have 8 at Sebeta, 4 cooks in Fita, 2 cooks in Biru, 34 employees at Abugida, our representative in Ethiopia and an accountant, a total of 50.  In addition we have 50 sponsored families, many of whom are hoping that one day we´ll be able to include them into a working cooperative.

The director of Sebeta has offered us the room next door to the Messi room, so we shall be able to double our space.  This in turn will allow us to contract some more monitors, after all part of the Sebeta campus is a teacher training college for special education teachers.  It is wonderful to be able to offer some employment opportunities to the local population, hopefully we´ll be able to offer more in the future.

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Mediterranea’s First Party !!

October 25, 2011

Med’s first party in over 10 years was a great success, despite weather that could have been warmer and more inviting.  Over 100 people attended and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of Son Caliu beach, the wonderful music of ‘Guitarras del Mar’, the food of ‘Delicioso’ and each others company.  It was lovely to see and meet the wide range of people who support and volunteer for our small but rapidly growing NGO.

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Thank You IBO

October 24, 2011

We continue in a state of happiness because of the way things have gone recently in Ethiopia.

Today Dr Jose Maria Panades (Opthamologist) and Cati Ramis (Opthalmic Nurse) have left from Mallorca for a two week trip to Ethiopia.  During the first week they will be with the children of Sebeta and for the second they will focus on the children and workers of Abugida and those other children in the area of Abugida who have eye problems.

We would love to give our profound thanks to IBO (Institut Balear Oftalmic) for their kind assistance and support.

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Happy Smiles

October 23, 2011

We received the latest report from Sebeta and this time with photos.  The three monitors are doing a good job and the children are happy.  They have established turns so that all the children can have some access to the workshop.

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Sebeta on the Rise

October 18, 2011

We gave our backing to the Sebeta school and we made the right decision: things were not looking at all good, however, things changed and the situation for the blind children at Sebeta continues to improve greatly.

The Messi room, repaired bathrooms, new windows….. and we have now got a builder in fixing the cracks in the buildings. The enthusiasm also appears to have rubbed off on this gentleman because he’s even repairing cracks that are not included in the budget! That must be a first!

We need committed people who are keen to carry out voluntary work in this special place. People who feel they have something to give to the children of Sebeta. They will come back with so much more than they left with.

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Very Good News!

October 17, 2011

Martha is returning home.  Her back is now wonderful, the extreme lateral bend in her spine and hump in her back have disappeared.  Her last, very complicated, operation has been a success.

Martha has been in the very best hands, the medical team of the Children’s Trauma Clinic at Son Espases Hospital, the children’s neurosurgeon and the many other professionals from other medical specialties.  Many have given everything for her, without ever looking back, until this young girl could have the possibility for a normal life, a future.

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The Old People’s Social Centre is on the Go

October 17, 2011

The April group of volunteers has managed to raise the 2000 Euros necessary to renovate the building that will become the old peoples social centre in the neighborhood of the train station in Akaki, Ethiopia.

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4th World, Zaqueo & Dignipacs

October 16, 2011

Today we want to give focus to the 4th world, which lives with us and unfortunately is growing by the day.  Due to the crisis, due to abuse from those in power, due to dreams not materializing, due to personal bad luck, due to any number of reasons.  It exists, it’s real and we must not turn our backs on it.  What’s more, nearly no one can be certain that they will not be in a similar position one day.

We want to dedicate this post to Zaqueo, an organisation with no government support, only the support of individuals, that gives it’s time and efforts to the homeless who sleep only metres from the tourist shops of Palma, to those with no financial means and very little government support.  At Zaqueo they can get breakfast and dinner, and at various times during the week can shower.  Some also are able to sleep in this small space.

Mediterranea has been supporting Zaqueo for many years by providing food and volunteer help.

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We Don’t Make Miracles

October 15, 2011

We only give good solid food, attention and stimulation.  This cocktail makes miracles here in Ethiopia and in all parts of the world, as all children are the same.

The nursery at Abugida School is a magic place where the children grow strong and are happy.  Where HIV+ children acquire the necessary defenses to fight their condition.  Where seriously disabled children continue making progress, steps that appear small to us but are enormous for them…but we’ll talk of Dagem another day.

Today we want to share with you photos of Meron, a small girl in the nursery.  One photo was taken not long ago when she started and the other was taken recently.  You can no doubt see the difference.

Thank you for helping us to achieve this, hopefully we’ll be able to create other Abugida’s.

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Mediterranea Members Relaxed Get-together

October 13, 2011

At the last Mediterranea meeting held at Amadip Cafe, Palma Nova in February members said how nice it was to have the opportunity to meet other members and suggested that the next such meeting should be more social, more relaxed.  So here it is:

Next Friday 21 Oct at Son Caliu Beach, starting at 6pm with a very happy hour from 6-7pm.

Hope you will join us and take the opportunity to meet other members who support our charity.

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Parasitic Volunteers

October 11, 2011

Many times I’ve wondered over the volunteers that work in the third world.  Recognising without doubt the immense value of some there are however some that exist as parasite volunteers.  I’m talking about a species that resides in the countries of the third world, having no concrete project, without really being known. During our last trip we encountered some in Sebeta.  Two of these we recognized from our trip in June.  They are a European couple that have been living in Sebeta for over a year and will probably live there for some years to come.  This couple has done nothing for the children of Sebeta.  They pass their days and receive their wage, which I assume would be more than they would receive in their home country and of course have much less expenses.  As a result of the creation of the Messi room and the reparation of all the bathrooms in Sebeta by Mediterranea they have become enthused.   They have told us that they have now painted the dormitories of the children…more than a year to eventually do something concrete.

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Returned from Ethiopia

October 04, 2011

We’re already back in Mallorca.  We had some intense days and some intense feelings.  Some achievements and satisfaction but also we have some big challenges ahead, our biggest being the Sebeta School for the Blind.  They have 340 children some of whom are blind, others can see with one eye, others are simply myopic, as I was when I was small.

We are going to try to improve the living conditions and quality of life of these children (we have already started) but we’re going to need a lot of help because they need so much.

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A Giant Step

September 30, 2011

We are about to take a giant step forward, of the kind that fills you with joy and hope. Because we are now certain we shall have an ophthalmologist for Sebeta, in fact a children’s ophthalmologist. And not just an eye doctor but also an eye nurse who will be going out with him at the end of October. They will examine the 340 children at Sebeta to see how some of them can be helped by surgery, glasses or poor-vision aids.

At Mediterranea we are in favor of showing happy photographs, photographs of our achievements, but sometimes we have to show you the other side of things. If we were not helping them we would never show you this darker side, since we are totally opposed to showing the harsh reality just to raise money in situations where we are not helping directly.

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Mediterranea Non-Profit Helps African Children Winter 2011

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